Saturday, February 14, 2015

Beautiful People #6 // Valentine's Day Edition!

Beautiful People is a monthly meme for writers hosted by Cait @ Paper Fury. Seeing as it's Valentine's Day today, I decided to post about... the relationships in my current WIP!

1. How long have they been a couple?
Okay, so far, my Work In Progress has no romantic couples, so I'll be talking about Chessie and Dalena... a friendship that I ship so hard in my book. They've been friends ever since around when Ronan passed away, so about three years.

 2. How did they first meet?
Dalena was there when Ronan drowned, and she consistently checked up on Chessie to make sure she was doing all right. When she moved out of her parents' home, Dalena allowed Chessie to live with her in her house. (Until she was kidnapped)

 3. What were their first thoughts of each other? (Love at first sight or “you’re freakishly annoying”?)
At first Chessie was acted irritated about Dalena's check-ups but was secretly grateful for them. Dalena felt sorry for Chessie despite being her age, she had gone through a lot of loss as well.

4. What do they do that most annoys each other?
Dalena is annoyed when Chessie is rash or over-uses curses. (Not the word kind, the magic kind, ha.) She doesn't like hurting people. Chessie is annoyed when Dalena objects to this.

 5. Are their personalities opposite or similar?
Opposites, for certain. While Dalena is more of a Hufflepuff, Chessie is a Slytherin. Now that Dalena has become the Queen (which releases the Dark Curse instantly, making her the bad guy in the story...) their personalities are surprisingly a lot similar.

 6. How would their lives be different without each other?
Chessie wouldn't be on this intolerable quest with a six year old, a stranger cursed with Insanity, and the assistant that always reminded her too much of Dalena.
Dalena, of course, would not be the Queen.

 7. Are they ever embarrassed of each other?
Before the Dark Curse I am assuming. No, they weren't really embarrassed of each other, although even-tempered Dalena was always embarrassed to be seen at a Curse shop.

 8. Does anyone disapprove of their relationship?
Of their friendship? Oh, yes, Maia thinks that Dalena can't be saved and wants Chessie to forget about her, but Chessie would never do that. Nobody in the castle knows that Chessie wasn't captured... they thought they had captured Chessie, and Dalena pretended to be Chessie.

 9. Do they see their relationship as long-term/leading to marriage?
They will always be friends, even if Chessie does not break the Dark Curse bound to Dalena.

 10. If they could plan the “perfect outing” together, where would they go?
Not to the docks, if Chessie could help it. (Poor, Chessie. Has had a terrible fear of water ever since Ronan drowned.)

There you have it! Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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