Saturday, June 3, 2017

Fandom Mashup (#6) - Hufflepuff Pride!

Fandom Mashups are a weekly meme hosted by Micheline @ Lunar Rainbow Reviews. Each week, there is a new topic, and participants choose five characters that either will help them with the task outlined, or would otherwise fit with the topic at hand. This was technically the topic for last week, but as a proud Hufflepuff myself, I just couldn't skip out on this one -

"Those patient Hufflepuffs are true and unafraid of toil" - Pick 5 characters from other fandoms that you think would fit in well in Hufflepuff House! 


  1. Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit
    The ultimate Hufflepuff, Bilbo is fair and fiercely loyal, just like many a hobbit. While he is more content with his gardens and the worlds in his books, he is still unafraid of hard work and is very brave when he needs to be, just like many of his House! He also just so happens to be my favorite fictional character of all time. Just sayin'.

  2. Samwise Gamgee, Lord of the Rings
    Listen. My brother (and many others) will try to tell you he's a Gryffindor - and he's certainly got the courage for it, sure - but in my eyes, Sam will always be in Hufflepuff. First of all, he's a gardener and we tend to excel at Herbology. Second of all, and most importantly, his loyalty to Frodo and his promise is what drives most of his bravery, showing to me that loyalty is his dominant trait!

  3. Tiana, Princess and the Frog
    One of my favorite (if not my very favorite) Disney princesses, Tiana is just about as patient and hard-working as it gets. She's so dedicated, and while she's also fiercely intelligent, I think she would fit right in with the Hufflepuff house.

  4. Charlie Pace, Lost
    Another one of my favorite characters, would you fancy that! (I might be biased towards Hufflepuffs. What can I say? I just can't help but love them.) While Charlie doesn't quite have the whole patience thing nailed down, he is kind to his core and loyal enough to risk his life on multiple occasions for the people he cares about.

  5. Rey, The Force Awakens
    Last but not least, is Rey. This is one of the ones that isn’t much of a question for me. She waited for years for her family to come back, and is extremely hardworking, patient, and loyal with a high sense for justice.
(Also, bonus from my own original series I'm writing - Chessie! Chessie is incredibly loyal - heck that's her primary motivation, really - and also has a strong moral compass. She's ferociously kind and hard-working and I just love her a lot.)

This was so much fun and honestly I could keep on rambling about my Hufflepuff headcanons forever... I'm so glad that this prompt allowed me to name at least a few, though. ;)

Who knows, I might be back with more someday, hehe!


  1. Sorry I'm so late at stopping by! Work has been seriously cutting into my blogging time D: Anyway, I feel like all Hobbits are perfect examples of Hufflepuffs! I mean, the Hufflepuff Common Room looks like a Hobbit hole...AND it's near the kitchens :D Rey is another brilliant pick! Love these^^

    1. I'm late to replying to this as well, so no worries haha! And yes, they definitely are! I love hobbits and the hobbit-y Hufflepuff common room. Thank you!! And thanks for stopping by!


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