Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Bachelor Book Tag!

So, I don't even watch The Bachelor. (I want to because it seems dramatic and sometimes I need drama so.) But! This tag just seemed like too much fun to pass up. It was created by Monica (shemightbemonica on Youtube), and the original video can be found here! I wasn't tagged, but I'm going to do it anyways because I'm a rebel.

- First Impression Rose - A book that you bought because of the cover
The Adventures of a South Pole Pig by Chris Kurtz
It's just such an adorable cover! I bought it solely because of the cute little pig and the bubble people. I read the book and it was cute, but let's be real. That cover is the best part.

- Two on One Date - Your favorite and most disliked book from a series

For this, I'm going to go with my favorite series: The Seven Realms by Cinda Williams Chima!

When I first started this series, I read The Demon King (Book #1) and thought it was "just okay". Oh, boy, am I glad I stuck with this series because the final book, The Crimson Crown (Book #4), remains one of my Top Three favorite books of all time. Every time I'm considering rating a book I read five stars I think "Well, this was good, but was it The Crimson Crown good?". This whole series is awesome, but I think it's really saying something when the first book is my least favorite and the last one is my favorite. It just gets better and better!

- The Wrong Reasons - The one that starts off so strong but then ends a hot mess

I hate to say it, but Inheritance (The Inheritance Cycle #4) by Christopher Paolini.

Ugh, this one started out so good! The first 750 pages were very satisfying (or close to that). But the last hundred or so pages!? Paolini, you're killing me with frustration. I literally had to set my Kindle down while reading the ending just to take a few deep breaths because my Kindle is expensive and I didn't want to break it in a fit of rage.

- Bachelor in Paradise - Your favorite light read
I realized I don't actually read many "light" or "fluffy" books. But, one of my favorites is The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall.

It's a middle grade novel following the four Penderwick sisters (Rosalind, Skye, Jane, and Batty) as well as their father and their dog when they go on a vacation and meet a new friend and ruin some rosebushes and experience all sorts of firsts. It's an amazing novel, and a very light one! I go to it whenever I need a pick-me-up or need to feel comforted. It's great for all ages, Elementary Schoolers to Adults, and never fails to make me smile.

- The Most Dramatic Season Ever - A book with a totally insane, rollercoaster plot that had your jaw dropping

Without a doubt, Falling Kingdoms and  Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes.

These are both part of the Falling Kingdoms series, and the only two I've read (so far) of that series, and yet I can still confidently say that this is one of my favorite Fantasy series to date! It had me on the edge of my seat, eagerly turning the pages to find out what would happen next. And it took so many twists that I wasn't expecting it to take. My jaw wasn't just dropping, it was on the floor!

- The Fantasy Suite - A book that has the best romantic build up and release
This one is harder for me, since I actually don't read much romance-heavy literature, but I suppose I could go with the Tigers Curse series by Colleen Houck.

There was a love triangle, which was really frustrating, but the romance in the first two books had so much tension, and I honestly was rooting for the two main characters, despite how annoying the heroine could sometimes get. Pull yourself together, girl. 

- The Final Rose - Best book you read in the last month
So, if you saw my February Wrap-Up, you probably already know how Shadowhunters-heavy my reading month is. But overall, my favorite book I read was probably Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare.

This is one of the best endings to a trilogy I've ever read. I had a real journey with this series too, since I started off almost keeping myself from falling in love with it because I was still shaky coming off The Mortal Instruments. But I never should have had my doubts. I got so attached to Will and Jem and Tessa, and everyone else in this series! I never wanted to leave and the last hundred or so pages got me so dang emotional.

So, this was the Bachelor Book Tag! If you want to do this tag, then consider yourself tagged. Let me know of your responses, and have a great day!

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