Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Welcome to my Blog

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My name is Twee. Or Emma. Whichever you prefer. This is my first time really blogging, other than a brief NaNoWriMo diary, which you can find here under another one of my alliases, Waffle Writer.

So, if that blog is for the NaNoWriMo ("Na"tional "No"vel "Wri"ting "Mo"nth) months, what will go on this year-round blog?

  • Rambles. So many rambles. In fact, what goes here will most likely be at least two-thirds rambles about anything at all. Sometimes these things will be very random, so beware.
  • Ranting. Wow. Aren't I making this sound like a cheery place? But it's true, I might rant quite a bit, although the ranting would go hand in hand with the rambles, and I will keep this blog completely safe and trigger-free. On the off-chance I do post something triggery I will make certain to warn you in advance.
  • Life Adventures. Yup. Pretty much what that says. If something unique happens or I go on a vacation or whatever, I'll post about it here!
  • Writing Advice. True, this won't be often, because I suck at advice, but eventually I might make a master post of links to writing advice blogs or character sheets or plot planners or what have you
  • Fandom Stuff. There will be quite a lot to do with my fandoms on here. Which, in case you were wondering, are mainly Doctor Who, Studio Ghibli, Sherlock, Divergent, and a whole lotta oldie shows. So if you're into any of that stuff, you've come to the right place.
  • Book Reviews. This is a maybe, especially considering I already have a Goodreads Account that I constantly update. Every time I finish a book, you can see my review there.
  • Writing Excerpts and Updates. Again, a maybe considering none of you probably want to hear about my writing life? But I might do it anyway because I would enjoy it? Even though that sounds super stuck up of me. Sorry.

That's pretty much it. I'll try to update maybe every day, unless I am busy. Expect an update at least once a week.

Until next time!

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