Thursday, February 11, 2016

January Wrap-Up 2016

So, the first month of the year was a very slow reading month for me. I was in an awful reading slump, didn't really want to read much of anything. (Partially because I was so obsessed with Star Wars after seeing the new movie that I could hardly focus on anything else. But also because I was feeling unmotivated. And un-excited about books, which is never a fun feeling to have!)

However, I did manage to finish three books! They are as follows:

  1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling, illustrations by Jim Kay: This was the first book I read this year, and I think I adored it even more than the first times I read it! The illustrations really added to the reading experience. My favorite picture was on Page 220. It was so cute! Overall, this book is just so great, and I discuss some of my memories of the book in my Goodreads Review which you can find here. ★★★★★
  2. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens: Had to read this as a required reading for English class. And I didn't understand a word of it (I completely bluffed my way through the Final and still managed to get a passing score, which I am still immensely proud of, aha!). I think the language was too old and complex for me, and I didn't really like any of the characters, except perhaps Sydney Carton at the very end. I did think that it portrayed a good theme, though, and I can see why many people love it, and it's considered a classic! (Review/Further Thoughts Here) ★★☆☆☆ 
  3. City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare: Okay, so I kind of liked the first three Mortal Instruments books, but didn't fall in love with them, or any of the characters. But this one? I am so in love! I haven't been able to stop thinking about this book or City of Lost Souls (which I read in February) since I read them. Everything was so amazing, and just clicked for some reason. I like the characters a lot, and the plot I thought stood out more than the plot of the first three books, but that could be just me. A lot of people consider this the weak point of this six-book series, but so far it has been one of my favorites. ★★★★★
    (City of Fallen Angels Review)
    (City of Lost Souls Review)
    I will probably have a review for the books on my blog sometime as well!

 So I didn't read too awfully much, but I hopefully will be able to read more in February since City of Fallen Angels and City of Lost Souls have made my reading slump mysteriously disappear! I'd love to know what your favorite book of January was!

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