Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday Thoughts On Spoilers

Thursday Thoughts is a weekly meme held by Ok, Let's Read. This week the topic is "Spoilers".

My opinions on spoilers are conflicted. First off, let me begin by saying that: I don't like surprises. At all. Not even good surprises. (Except for presents. Yay, presents!) So alot of the time I ask people what happens in a book. If I want to know spoilers, then I ask for them from people. However, when people say or post spoilers without warning, that's when I don't like spoilers.
Because yes, I don't mind spoilers, as long as you give me fair warning.
And okay, I'll be honest here and say that when I see the warning on Goodreads or wherever, something deep inside of me (not that deep inside of me) can't help seeing what it is. I can't help myself, ok? I know spoilers ruin the book for alot of people, but for me it just gives me time to brace myself.
And, as a disclaimer, I will say that I never spill spoilers without fair warning, even if it would be a smallish spoiler.
So that's all I have for this topic today. What are your opinions on spoilers?

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