Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Most Owned Authors

First off- a note to you guys. Even though I'm pretty certain no one really follows my blog, I'm sorry for not being very active on my blog lately! Things have been a little... hectic. With my trip to Washington DC, and a visit to my Aunt's house for a few days, I haven't gotten much free time.
Second off- welcome to another top ten tuesday courtesy of The Broke and The Bookish. Today, we're sharing our top ten most owned authors. I'll try to list these in order, maybe

1) Erin Hunter. I own 18 books by Erin Hunter. Eighteen. Even I didn't know I owned that many. Yet somehow I managed to fit them all into the space of half a bookshelf? Here's a really grainy pic of all the books I own by her (on the other side of the yellow book is a book called "Crookedstar's Promise" that I couldn't fit)
(also I have two books that also aren't in the picture because they were too tall to fit on that bookshelf):
There are so many of them they don't all fit in the camera shot!

2) Rick Riordan. With a slightly less startling five books. I used to have seven books written by him, but I can't seem to find where they disappeared to.

Why yes, yes that is a Totoro Doll you see.
3) Michael Scott. I have five books by him also, which are his "Secrets of Immortal Nicholas Flamel" series (which is an awesome series), except I don't have the Warlock sadly. Until then, here's the five books I do own:

4) Jonathon Stroud. I have three books of his, the boxset of "The Bartimaeus Trilogy". My dad bought it for me for my birthday one year at a used books store for really cheap.
5) J.K. Rowling I have three books of hers I believe. I bought the boxset of "Quidditch Through The Ages" and "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" right before the Borders near me closed. Then I also have Goblet of Fire which I got on my eighth birthday.
6) Cornelia Funke. One of my favorite authors! I have 4 of her books, which have all been very loved as you can tell through the spines of most of them...

7) CS Lewis. How could I forgot to put him earlier? I have all of the Narnia books. It was the first box set I ever recieved and I remember being mighty proud of it. This was one of my favorite series when I was younger, and it still is!
Also well-loved, as you can probably tell.

8) Tony Diterlizzi. Unless I'm missing something (which is entirely possible) that's it for my "3+" books authors. I have tons of authors that I own two books of, so I'll be choosing these next three for various different reason. I have two books of Mr. Diterlizzi's, and these books are massive, with absolutely  stunning art inside them!

9) Jeanne Birdsall.  I love Ms. Birdsall's series, the Penderwicks. It is my favorite middle grade series of all time, and probably just one of my favorite series period. It's a great fun read, and I feel like I can connect a lot to Jane from when I was younger. I own the first two books of the Penderwicks series.

10) Kim Stanley Robison. And finally, I chose this book to show that yes, I do own a variety of books. Both of these are Adult Sci-Fi books, but they aren't from the same series.
And... that's it! That's all I have for you today. Do you own any of these books? Perhaps you've read them? Thanks so much for reading. 

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  1. +JMJ+

    I've never read any of Erin Hunter's books . . . probably because I'm not a cat person. ;-P What do you like so much about them?


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