Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fandom Mashup (#2): Who Ya Gonna Call?

Fandom Mashup is a weekly meme hosted by Lunar Rainbows Reviews and the idea is that every week you are thrown into a new situation. You get to choose five characters from any fandoms to help you out! (All the gifs/images aren't mine, they're from Tumblr.)

This week, the situation is...
 "You come face to face with an actual ghost. It seems friendly but you're not sure what to do next. Who's going to help you figure it out?"
  1.  The Ghostbusters from Ghostbusters

    Confession: I've never actually seen this movie (TV show?). But I've heard the song enough times to know exactly who to call if I ever encounter something strange, such as a ghost. And even though this ghost that I encounter seems friendly it can't hurt to have some back up, just in case things don't go quite as well as planned...

2. Caspar from Caspar the Friendly Ghost

Confession: I haven't seen this movie either. And all I could find for an image is the vaguely creepy one to the right, so, sorry about that. I would call on Caspar because he's got "friendly" and "ghost" both in the title of his movie so he could probably work things out with my new ghost friend. They might have a friendly ghost conversation whilst I watch in awe.

3. Nearly Headless Nick from Harry Potter

Aha, here's a movie series I have seen! I think Nearly Headless Nick would make a good choice to talk to the ghost because he is one himself. He's rather friendly as well, so he would be perfectly willing to see if the new ghost wants or needs anything.

4. Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter

Okay, so Luna's great. She's my favorite character, probably. If I asked her, she would be perfectly willing to come and talk with the ghost and she'd certainly have her own theories on what to do next, how to move on. Maybe she'd claim it's not a ghost at all, it's actually something else I've never even heard of!

5. Maddox Corso from A Book Of Spirits and Thieves

Maddox has had experience with ghosts in the past as well, or specifically one ghost. And she's really more of a spirit... but either way, he wouldn't be as startled as he was the first time he saw one. And, he would always be very helpful and willing to help the ghost back to wherever it wanted to go.

Those are my five picks this week! A couple of them could probably be exchanged but some of them I just must have on my team! Have a great week.



  1. The Ghostbusters are PERFECT for this! I know they're doing a remake, but I'll still always remember the original movie fondly. :D Great team!

  2. The Ghostbusters! I used to watch the old animated series when I was a kid and it was one of my favorites!! Of course I remember Casper too but I never thought of him. Luna and Nearly Headless Nick are great picks too^^ Awesome team this week :D


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