Friday, August 22, 2014

Bout Of Books 11.0 Update (Day FIVE)

Day five of the Bout of Books read a thon is officially here and we are nearing the end. I hope to finish my book that I am reading before then, but we'll see! At the same time I'm trying to savor my book because it's one of those that is perfect for a rainy day. It also reminds me quite a bit of another one of my favorite books, Airborn by Kenneth Oppel.

Total Pages Read: 973
Pages Read Today: 125
Total Books Read: 2
Currently Reading: Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld
Other Comments: So close to that 1,000 page mark! I'm liking this book so far, but I just find myself getting distracted while reading it.
There were two challenges again today! Hurrah!  The first one was to Recreate a Cover, hosted by Spines and Covers. Now, keep in mind when you look at the cover that all I have is a terrible quality backwards webcam. And ok, maybe it's also that I'm a bad artist. Haha.  
I took great pleasure in ripping this drawing to shreds, I assure you.
I present...
1/4 of Airborn by Kenneth Oppel cover!
Sorry about the glare and the bad drawing and bad handwriting and backwards cover and the small size and the funky arms and faces. I drew this in about two minutes because I wanted to do the challenge but at the same time drawing stuff really frustrates me. So that was the end product.
...Anyway, ranting aside, there was also a second challenge hosted by Christian Bookshelf Reviews and it was the Book Chain Challenge. The Challenge was to connect the books by last/first word. Words like "The" "A" or "An" did not count for this challenge. The books I chose for this challenge were...

"The Gray Wolf Throne" by Cinda Williams Chima*
"Throne of Glass" by Sarah J. Maas*
"The Glass Castle" by Jeanette Walls
"Castle in the Air" by Diana Wynne Jones **
* = book I have read in the past 12 months
** = on my TBR
....and that is where I hit a dead end. Oh well?
So, I might fix one of these challenges later, but I guess we shall see about that. Anyway, see you soon with an update on my progress tomorrow!



  1. Well at least you gave the recreate a cover challenge a try! It's kind of sad how long I took to do mine haha (:
    I have completely forgotten what Airborn was about because I suck. I used to really like the story too. Good luck on the rest of your books!

    1. Well, you put more effort into yours! And it turned out really great too.
      Thanks! Good luck to you too


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