Thursday, August 14, 2014

Review: Throne Of Glass by Sarah J Maas

Title: Throne Of Glass
Author: Sarah J Maas
Series: Book #1 in the Throne Of Glass series
Genre: YA Fantasy
Pages: 404
I went into this book with high expectations.
Finally, I found it at the library and was so excited I decided to
check it out then and there. So, here's my review on what my
thoughts were after finishing this book!
I'll admit something I'm a bit afraid of admitting: For the first 
100 pages of this book or so, the protagonist Celaena,
annoyed me. Maybe it was my high expectations for her
character that made me findher annoying, but she just came off as that
way to me personally because of the way she sort of strutted around like she owned the place, and felt like she was better than anyone else.
Soon though, I realized it was because she was.
After I adjusted to the initial sort of shock, her character really grew on me and by the end of the book, she was one of my favorite characters.
And, despite common disagreement, I actually enjoyed the love triangle between her, Dorian, and Chaol. I felt like each of the characters had their own backing and none of it was insta-love in the least, which was a nice change from a lot of other books I have read.
I'm Team Chaol.
The setting of this book was Erilea, a fantasy land where magic has been banned and kings and queens rule the kingdoms. I found the magic banishment of Erilea intriguing, and it was clear that this land had been thought out. There was enough to this world that readers were introduced to, that made it unique from other fantasy worlds, but at the same time it wasn't unbelievable.
This was the thing that initially drew me in to reading the book. An assassin is taken from the mines of Endovier to compete in a competition and complete tasks in order to become the King's personal assassin. How cool is that? It's very cool, let me tell you.
And while I was hoping for maybe a bit more look into the tasks, and a bit more information and detail about them, the book had a different story to tell. And that was okay, it was great, because I immensely enjoyed the story it did tell!
Writing Style
As you can tell from above, I enjoyed every aspect of this book. It was fast paced, but not too fast paced, it had an awesome heroine, and it had a unique world it all took place in. But the thing that bound all those together for me was the writing style of the author.
Let me tell you, once I picked this book up, it hooked me. I could not put in down, not if I was brushing my teeth, not if I was doing the dishes... nothing! Okay, so maybe while I was doing the dishes (don't want to damage a library book after all ;) ) but not for much else.
I loved this book. There a few issues for me at the beginning, but one of my friends asked me while I was out "Hey, what's that book you're reading? You seem really into it." I held up Throne Of Glass, and let her read the summary and first couple pages. She then warned me to keep it close, or else she might steal it!
So, needless to say, this was amazing. It might be one of my favorite series starters at the moment, and I feel like if I had read the prequels before hand I might have felt the connection with Celaena at the start rather than the middle.
This book get 4.5 out of 5 stars!

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