Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bout Of Books 11.0 Update (Day TWO)

It's the second day of Bout of Books #11 and I am finally making some progress. I am almost 200 pages into the book as of 12:32pm, and I plan on reading even more today. My stats at the end of today will go right here....

Total Pages Read: 419
Pages Read Today: 264
Total Books Read: 1
Currently Reading: Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta
Other Comments: So, I ended up finishing Jellicoe Road. I wasn't able to get to the library today but I am planning on making a trip the third day of Bout Of Books! Let me tell you, Jellicoe Road took me on quite a ride, and I would highly recommend it. To anyone really. This style of book isn't really my genre but I still loved it!

There were another two challenges today I am not sure whether I will do both of them but I will try! The first one is OTP challenge hosted by Infinite Ink. Participants are supposed to relay their feels down below.

I'm not going to say whether my OTP is canon or not so you'll have to read the books and find out for yourselves. Haha.

My One True Pairing is from the Seven Realms series by Cinda Williams Chima. And they are Dancer and Cat. Because come on people, those two are absolutely perfect for each other! I love how they stick true to the "opposites attract" rule-- the two of them have very different personalities, but when they combine together it's just too cute.

Also, there are just some points in the series where it makes me want to follow the point of view of one of them to see their true feelings for one another. Dancer is the only one secretive Cat ever opens up to, and I find that really sweet.

That was my lame fangirl rant, because I didn't want to spoil anything for anyone who has not read that series! (If you like High/Epic Fantasywith adventure action and romantic elements I would recommend this series 100%) The other challenge for today was the Book Spine Poetry Challenge hosted by My Little Pocketbooks.

The goal for this challenge is to make poetry (it doesn't have to rhyme) out of book titles. For every title you use, you get one free word. My poetry is like so...

My poem is standing on the mug I got from the National Art Gallery, in case you were
dying to know.
The Sorceress reveals the
Secret Of The Sirens
over Distant Waves
during The Pearl Wars.
Book Titles Used;
1. "The Sorceress" by Michael Scott
2. "Secret Of The Sirens" by Julia Golding
3. "Distant Waves" by Suzanne Weyn
4. "The Pearl Wars" by Nick James
I know, I know, I should be a professional poet. Not. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys their books today. Have a great week.
Until next time!


  1. Thanks for participating in my OTP challenge! Have a great reading week.

    1. Thank you for hosting it! Mine turned out a bit lame, but it still was fun to let out all those feels :) You too, and enjoy your books!

  2. I haven't read the Seven Realms series (yet), but I do own the first two books. I hope to read it soon, Dancer and Cat sound great together. Good luck and happy reading :)

    Bout of books - Mel@thedailyprophecy

    1. You should! Lol. I thought the second book got off to a slower start than the first book, but I ended up liking it better. Happy reading to you too! :)

  3. Well done! That's a great number of pages :)

  4. I'm not surprised you liked Jellicoe Road so much. It seems like everyone recommends it (:
    Ooh! I love the sound of your OTP. Their names are pretty awesome too. I'll have to check that series out.
    Haha (: ~ "I should be a professional poet." Your poem is really good!

    1. Yeah! Even though I had been hearing about it everywhere, I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did! I give it a firm 5 stars on Goodreads for sure.
      Thanks! And you should, even if the series starts out a bit slow :)
      Okay, so maybe my poem needs a BIT of work ;)

  5. I love your mug! is the perfect stand for your poem ;).


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