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Today I am here with a very exciting tag. The HAMILTON BOOK TAG. As you are probably not aware, I am completely and utterly obsessed with the soundtrack to the broadway musical Hamilton, along with approximately the entire internet. It is just so catchy and has such an interesting story. It follows America's youngest founding father, Alexander Hamilton, and his life. And I love it.
When I saw that Maureen of the Youtube channel MaureenKeavy had created this tag, I knew I had to fill this out, because how could I not?!
The Room Where It Happened - A Book World You Want to Live In.
For me, this is Middle-Earth, no questions asked. Specifically, the Shire. I am already practically a Hobbit anyway, but actually being one would be so amazing and it would make me so happy. I just love the Shire, ever since I was little I have wanted to live there!
The Schuyler Sisters - An Underrated Female Character.
This is barely even a question for me either. I have to go with Nasuada, from The Inheritance Cycle, by Christopher Paolini. She is a woman of color in a position of power, and she works hard for that power, and she is such a kind and fair ruler, but not afraid to completely go at it with someone if it keeps her people safe. I just love her so much and she isn't talked about nearly enough.

My Shot - A Protagonist That Goes After What They Want and Doesn't Let Anything Stop Them.

I basically have to choose the entirety of the Maze Runner cast (from that trilogy by James Dashner) for this. They go through so much, and could have stopped and given up whenever they wanted to, it's probably what I would have done, but no. They keep shoving on, and I really admire that about all of them!

Stay Alive - A Character You Wish Was Still Alive.

Spoilers for the entire Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins, so skip to the next question if you don't want to know! But, I would save Finnick Odair if I could, because he had just achieved his happiness! He had married the love of his life, and he was going to have a son, and he finally had so much to live for, and it was taken away. It's just so tragic when things like that happen, and it made me so sad.

Burn - Most Tragic Ending to a Relationship

Let's just say I had a difficult time doing anything but whimpering from pain after the ending of City of Lost Souls, by Cassandra Clare. I literally whispered 'no, no, no' out loud to myself and had to close the book in order to gather myself up again before continuing on.

You'll Be Back - The Sassiest Villian.

This was a really hard one for me. But, I think I have to go with the Witch of the Waste from Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones! She was very sassy, and this is one of my favorite books just because of all the sass between the Witch, Howl, and Sophie combined.

The Reynolds Pamphlet - A Plot Twist You Didn't See Coming.

I know some people don't like knowing when a book has a plot twist, so you can just skip to the next one if you're one of those folks! But I have to give this one to the entire Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes. One of the twistiest series I've read, and I feel like the amount of times my jaw dropped/I took a sharp intake of air/I had to shut the book to compose myself is probably a world record. I love these books and they always manage to take me by surprise and go where I least expect them to!

Non-Stop - A Series You Marathonned.

Marathonning series is the only way to actually guarantee I'll finish them, is what I've found over the years. I've marathonned many a series, but one that I distinctly remember is the Tiger Saga by Colleen Houck? I read these during finals week, and while the first two I wasn't huge fan of, I did seriously enjoy the last two books and they completely distracted me from studying. Oops. (Also, this is one of my favorites if not my favorite song from the soundtrack, so good, ugh.)

Satisfied - Favorite Book with Multiple POV's.

Well. The Seven Realms series by Cinda Williams Chima, of course. It is a dual perspective high fantasy YA series with four books. And if you haven't read it, and you're into that sort of thing, you should read. It's my favorite YA series. This has been a PSA from your local bookworm.

Right Hand Man - Favorite Bookish Friendship.

This is a little extra question that Maureen included, and I just have to answer it because I love friendships in books! I have three that I especially love: Sam and Frodo from the Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien is the first. They are so loyal and dedicated to one another and so pure. I love them so much. Next, is Han and Dancer from the Seven Realms, because it's just so good, and again, they would follow one another to the ends of the Earth. The last one is actually a family bond, but the Penderwick Sisters from The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall. They are so funny and different from one another, but love each other very, very much.

Say No To This - A Guilty Pleasure Read.

Another "bonus" question that I couldn't help but answer! For me, The Selection by Kiera Cass is a total guilty pleasure read. I loved it so much, because it was so fast, quite fluffy, and just pure entertainment.

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story - A Book Series That Will Be Remembered Throughout History.

Could this go to anything but Harry Potter? (The answer is no. No it couldn't.) Harry Potter changed the world, and I truly think that hundreds of years from now people will still be reading and loving these characters and this story as much as we do today.

This has been the Hamilton Book Tag from your local Hamilton-obsessed Bookworm! I absolutely had a blast doing these questions, and I'm so grateful to Maureen for making this tag a thing! If you love Hamilton and books, then I tag you to fill out this tag.
In the meantime, maybe answer one of the questions in the comments below? Or tell me your favorite Hamilton song? (Mine is either "Wait For It" or "Non-Stop". Also, possibly, "It's Quiet Uptown". So many good ones!)
Until next time, happy reading!


  1. A delightful and clever Hamilton book meme!
    (Have you seen the Hamiltome yet? I'm saving up for it.)
    I came by to say hi after I saw your blog on the Dewey list, delighted to find another Hamilton obsessive.

    1. I love the fact that someone was genius enough to combine two of my current favorites (books and Hamilton) into one tag!
      Ahh, I tried looking for the Hamiltome at my library but it already had several holds. Soon, I hope! Soon!
      Hamilton is the best! Good luck on Dewey's, just a couple more days!

  2. OISJDKOIKER THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED TO SEE TODAY. I've listened to the entire soundtrack three times over within the past day. xD I adore it. I can now successfully rap the entire "Alexander Hamilton" song on my own, and I'm considering it one of my greatest musical achievements.

    So I'm totally stealing this at some point.

    Hear, hear, to Finnick! And the last one = perfect.

    So my current favorites (and there are many) are "Alexander Hamilton, "Aaron Burr, Sir," any of the King George songs (because of the sass and "Awesome! Wow!" xD), "Satisfied," "Dear Theodosia," "Non-Stop" "Burn," "Stay Alive"/"Stay Alive (Reprise)," "It's Quiet Uptown," "Best of Wives and Best of Women," "The World Was Wide Enough," and "Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story." Can I just say all of them basically?

    1. EXACTLY IT'S AMAZING. And that is definitely a fabulous achievement, I can almost rap it all? I keep forgetting some of the middle parts though, oops.

      You should totally do this, consider yourself tagged ;)

      All of those are amazing, and yes King George is hilarious, I love his songs so much!!


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