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Cinder by Marissa Meyer: Read and React

On June 1st, 2014 I began reading Marissa Meyer's Cinder, a Sci-Fi Retelling of Cinderella, in which Cinderella is a cyborg mechanic in the future city of New Beijing.
Follow along as read Cinder for the very first time! I'll post my reactions, predictions, and other comments on this post as I read the book.
Watch out though, these comments do contain major spoilers for those of you who have not yet read this book! You have been warned!
This is not a review, the review will come in my June wrap-up. This post is solely for writing down my reactions to what happens in the book as I read.
Page 47/390
Wait, did Iko just say the orange car looks like a rotting pumpkin? It's just like the "real" Cinderella Fairy-Tale! Who wants to bet that she'll go to the ball in the orange car in order to escape her step-mother?

Page 54/390
That's okay, I didn't need my heart anyway. *sniffles* In all seriousness, this part just makes me want to burst out in tears, it's so sad, and I can't believe that Meyer can make me cry 54 pages into the book. Maybe I'm just a wimp, though. Heh heh... heh... eh...

Page 89/390
My guess is that the chip in her spine is an antidote to the Letumosis disease? It is rather mysterious. I would say that she has too many replacement parts to be infected by the disease, but the scientists seemed to know what they were doing up until this point, so that can't be it. Hm...

Page 96/390
Her lie light blinks up when Dr. Erland doesn't say anything... but right before that, Cinder was thinking about the innocence in his eyes, and how he wouldn't hurt her. Maybe the light popped up because it was telling her that her thoughts were lies, and that he isn't innocent, and intends to hurt her?

Page 142/390
I have this sort of theory that I've peiced together. So, the neice that "died in the fire" could be Cinder, who was rescued by her Step-father and sent in to become a cyborg? Earlier in the book, it mentions how skin was found, which would make sense, if her skin was replaced by metal. Also, if Dr. Erland is the queen's spy, maybe he knows that the neice is still alive, and that the niece is a cyborg (if she is a cyborg), and so that's why he's only picking the young girls to do the testing on. He's trying to kill the niece. That would also explain the lie detector going off when Cinder thinks Dr. Erland won't hurt her.
                   I seriously think I've got this figured out, I can't wait to see how close I am to the truth of what really happens.

Page 165/390
Cinder, what are you doing?! The Prince just invited you to the Ball! I would have leapt on that oppourtunity. Oh well. Since it's a Cinderella Re-telling, I'm guessing someone is going to convince her to attend the ball, and then Prince Kai is going to find out about her being a Cyborg, and she's going to run away and lose her slipper.
Page 176/390
Whoa, hold up here! Cinder is a Lunar? Wow! Plot twist! Although this does support my theory about her being the niece! I'll have to keep reading to find out for sure though. This is getting even more exciting than it had been before!

Page 237/390
Wait... what if Dr. Erland isn't the spy? I mean, now I'm just confuzzled. Is there even a spy? He seems concerned about Cinder, and Queen Lervana not seeing her. So maybe that means he isn't a spy, but he is still looking for the Lost Princess?  Just when I think I've got it figured out, Marissa Meyer throws a curveball!

Page 243/390
First off... oh. My. Glob. Dr. Erland is a Lunar. I guess that part of my prediction was right, but I never really thought that much through...? I guess? Although, like Cinder pointed out, that explains her lie thing-ie going off when she thought of him as innocent. It was him brainwashing her. Now, for the mystery of his Shell Daughter. Is Cinder his daughter? Is he Levana's brother? It's time for me to think up a new theory...!

Page 294/390
I can see why Cinder keeps shoving off Kai on his flirting,  being a cyborg with no foot and all, but do you have to put it so harshly, Cinder? I flinched and gasped about five times during that scene alone. I really want them to end up together and Cinder is making it awful hard. But, on another note, it looks like the Cinderella plot-arch is moving forward finally, as the ball is nearing, and Cinder is stuck in the basement for that amount of time. Although the "losing the glass slipper" part comes before the actual ball. It makes me wonder whether she's actually going to attend at all, or not?

Page 318/390
Is that Cress that Cinder is talking to over the Video Comm? It seems like it from the description of the hair, anyway.

Page 345/390

                    Wow... what a swirl of events. This book has me hooked for sure. I never want it to end! I still think the prisoner she was talking to was Cress, based off of the explanation of herself she gave. But could it also be the "Fairy Godmother" figure from the fairytale? Also, I don't see why Cinder is so quick to trust this mysterious prisoner... I have a feeling it's a trap! But I guess we'll see? Must... keep... reading!

Page 384/390
I knew it! I knew that Cinder was Princess Selene! I'm glad that at least that part of my theory turned out right!

Page 390/390
And thus I come to a close on my Read and React journey. Cinder by Marrisa Meyer took me on a great swirling adventure, with tears, laughter, cringing, swooning, the works. I can't wait to read the next book in the series. This book, to me, was a strong 5 Stars.

I hope you enjoyed reading my "Read and React" for Cinder by Marissa Meyer. I really enjoyed myself while writing this.

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