Sunday, June 8, 2014

Library Book Haul

I managed to sneak off and visit the library right before the service that was going on today. I had quite a bit of fun at my family gathering, by the way, despite the solemn occasion, I ran around and played tag with my little baby cousins. They are 5, and 3. I also have a boy younger cousin who is 7 or around that age. Those little balls of energy never wear out, it seems! They just kept going and going! As for me, I am going to sleep well tonight I can tell you.

Anyway, I went to the library today and got 5 books. I was in the Teens section, and the librarian there kept staring at me. The books I got were all hardback copies that were hard to carry, and seemed to be almost as tall as I was! Here's the books I got:

The Elite by Kiera Cass is the second book in the Selection Trilogy. I finished the first one on June 1st, and really enjoyed it, and now I am glad I was able to find the second book to read. Hopefully it lives up to the first book in the series.

Scarlet and Cress by Marissa Meyer which is also part of a series, The Lunar Chronicles. The first book is Cinder, which I posted a Read and React about. Maybe I will do the same for these books, since the first one was so much fun to do.
The Gray Wolf Throne by Cinda Williams Chima is the third book in the Seven Realms Series. I liked the first book, The Demon King, and I liked the second book even better. I hope that the third one ends up being ever better! This is a long book, so I'm going to read the other books before this one.

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green is a book I've wanted to read for awhile. I've wanted to read another John Green book, and here I found this one, which was the only one left at the library! Obviously, Mr. Green has been very popular lately, and I feel lucky to have gotten a copy of one of his novels before they were all gone!

That's all the books I got at the library today. I was trying to do self check out, but one wouldn't scan, so I had to bring it up to the front desk, and I forgot to exit out of the self check out. Oops! Let's hope that no one does anything to my account... ack!

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